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Dr. López Somolinos Foundation

Play the video... It's only 7 minutes that will allow you to get to know us in more detail. Travel through our history and our inspiration, from the hand of some of our scholarship recipients and members of our board of directors, as well as friends and family of Dr. Carlos López Somolinos.

  • We fight for education
  • We want a better future


Thank you for visiting our website. We are the Dr. López Somolinos Foundation, a non-profit organization organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Ric

Our Mission

To provide educational scholarships to socioeconomically disadvantaged students in order to promote the transformation of leaders committed to contribute to the economic and social development of Puerto Rico.

Our Vision

To be the nationally recognized nonprofit foundation with the greatest importance and impact on the development of socioeconomically disadvantaged Puerto Rican youth.

Commited to education


Every day, young people full of hope enter Puerto Rico's educational institutions with the aspiration of receiving an education that will transform their future. They have commitment, a desire to excel and an optimal level of academic achievement, but sometimes, a huge obstacle stands between them and success... Lack of financial resources. Therefore, we encourage you to collaborate with our cause, because thanks to the donations we receive, we can continue to provide educational scholarships so that many bright students in socio-economic disadvantage do not have to shelve their dreams of a better tomorrow.